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Our team of Lebanon County bail bonds experts is always standing by to help get you out of jail. Get in touch with us and our bondsmen today!

Lebanon County Bail Bonds If you have a loved one in jail, it may seem impossible to come up with the bail amount. We have an affordable solution. Our bail bonds allow you to pay less and your loved one to get out faster as long as you follow the terms of the agreement. We are available to help at all hours of the day or night and on holidays, and we are a trusted Lebanon County bail bonds company. These are standard bonds and are not the same as immigration bail bonds.

When it comes to Lebanon County bail bonds, our team of bondsmen is always the one to contact. We’re fast and affordable. Give us a call at (484) 844-4740 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to get started today!

How The Bail Bonds Process Works

The process starts with signing a bail agreement. We collect basic information about you and your loved one who is in jail. After you make a payment, we arrange for your loved one’s release and safe return home. He or she must appear in court on every required date. If this need is not met, you may be liable to pay the original bail amount in full. Once the case is dismissed or your loved one is sentenced, the bail bonds process is over.

What A Lebanon County Bail Bondsman Does

The bail bondsman is there to help you through every step of the process from signing papers to reminding you of court dates. Your Lebanon County bail bondsman does all the footwork. They can have your loved one released from jail, handle the legal work and documentation. You are welcome to contact your bondsman any time during the case with questions. Think of this individual as your personal advocate.

Cost Of Bail Bonds In Lebanon County

Lebanon County bail bonds all have a different cost, which is based on the full bail amount. We charge 10 percent of the original bail. For example, a bail bond based on a $35,000 bail would cost you $3,500. You do not have to pay the full bail unless your loved one breaks the agreement. We can help you set up an affordable payment arrangement for larger bail amounts. Most people qualify for bail unless it is a capital case or there are other serious prior offenses. If you are looking for speedy bail bonds in Lebanon County, We can help. We have years of experience and are committed to efficient service.

Contact us and our team of professional bondsmen to see why we are a top Lebanon County bail bonds company today!

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